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Genomic approach to determine psychological and anatomic determinants of back pain

Back pain is the number one cause of years lived with disability worldwide and one of the most common reasons for health care visits in developed countries, yet surprisingly little is known regarding the biology underlying this symptom. In our previous study1, published in Sept 2018, we identified three novel genetic variants associated with chronic […]

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PolyOmica’s chief scientist is listed as Highly Cited Researcher

The Clarivate Analytics list of Highly Cited Researchers for 2018 identifies scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through the publication of multiple highly cited papers in the last decade. PolyOmica’s Chief Scientist, Yurii Aulchenko , was selected for his substantial influence across several fields in the period 2006–2016. Approximately 6,000 researchers are named Highly Cited Researchers in […]

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Teaching at the IMforFUTURE meeting in Zagreb

Logo of the IMforFUTURE project

From March 26–28, 2018 the IMforFUTURE International Training Network (ITN), in which PolyOmica is a partner, will have its first network meeting. The meeting will be held at the BioCentar in Zagreb, Croatia, and aside from various committee meetings and social events, the meeting will consist of training sessions for the fellows enrolled in the […]

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Teaching at the NIHES NGS course

The Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, NL

On Monday March 5 2018, I will be teaching at the NIHES course “An Introduction to the Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing data” at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. In this one-week course students will learn the basics of how NGS data is generated and how to analyse this type of data. PolyOmica’s contribution to […]

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Recorded lectures of the RSSSO 2014 now available on YouTube

Yurii Aulchenko lecturing at the RSSSO 2014

Back in 2014 we initiated the Research Summer School in Statistical Omics with the help of many friends and colleagues, and with the support (financial and other) from various sources, including the EU-funded MIMOmics project, in which we participate, and the EU-funded Integra-Life project. In a period of two weeks we immersed 13 students (and […]

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Teaching at the Research MIMOmics Summer School in Cambridge (UK)

From 20 till 27 August, the EU FP7 consortium MIMOmics in which PolyOmica is a partner, organises a Summer School including a Workshop in Omics Studies. The goal of the School is to train a new generation of statistical omics scientists with a biological and biotechnological background to enable them to understand and to apply […]

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Teaching at the “Advances in GWAS” course in Rotterdam next week

The Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, NL

Next week (starting Monday January 30 2017) Yurii and I will be in Rotterdam at the Erasmus University Medical Center where we will teach in the “Advances in Genome-Wide Associations” course of NIHES. This course is part of the Master’s programme in Health Sciences and is compulsory for those who follow the specialisation “Genetic Epidemiology”. […]

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Improving transfer speeds for ZFS send/receive in a local network

atop screenshot

I recently had to send a couple of ZFS file systems from one server to another, both running Ubuntu Linux 16.04. Since both servers were in the same trusted local network, there was no need for encryption. As various other websites will tell you, the fastest way to transfer data over a local network is […]

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Packing for the 4th annual MIMOmics meeting in Zagreb

We are currently preparing for a visit to Zagreb, Croatia, where we will attend the fourth annual meeting of the MIMOmics EU project on which we collaborate. The programme will covers topics like glycomics and metabolomics, statistical prediction based on multiple omics, casual inference, networks and epidemiology. So if you are in the vicinity of […]

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The 2016 Research Summer School in Statistical Omics

RSSSO2016 group photo

We have just returned from Split, Croatia, where we organised and co-sponsored the third Research School in Statistical Omics (RSSSO2016). With this Summer School we aim to train young researchers (at bachelor, master or PhD level) with a bio{logical,medical,chemical} background and interest in quantitative statistical methods to become the next generation of life scientists; these […]

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The GenABEL Project paper

Recently we published an overview paper of the GenABEL Project [1] on F1000Research. The GenABEL Project is a framework for collaborative, robust, transparent, open-source based development of statistical genomics methodology that PolyOmica sponsors. One of the reasons for publishing this overview paper was that we felt the need for a single, easy-to-point-to reference for the […]

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Dear visitors of the PolyOmica blog. This is the first post on our new website. We are very excited about having this new platform at disposal and plan to inform you regularly of the things we are working on. On this blog you can expect announcements of things we do, like upcoming courses, but also […]

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