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Yurii Aulchenko lecturing at the RSSSO 2014

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Recorded lectures of the RSSSO 2014 now available on YouTube

Back in 2014 we initiated the Research Summer School in Statistical Omics with the help of many friends and colleagues, and with the support (financial and other) from various sources, including the EU-funded MIMOmics project, in which we participate, and the EU-funded Integra-Life project. In a period of two weeks we immersed 13 students (and […]

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The GenABEL Project paper

Recently we published an overview paper of the GenABEL Project [1] on F1000Research. The GenABEL Project is a framework for collaborative, robust, transparent, open-source based development of statistical genomics methodology that PolyOmica sponsors. One of the reasons for publishing this overview paper was that we felt the need for a single, easy-to-point-to reference for the […]

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MIMOmics Helsinki Hackathon

One of the research projects we are working on at PolyOmica is the EU FP7-funded project MIMOmics (Methods for Integrated analysis of multiple Omics datasets). Last week, the partners in work package 6 (WP6) “Data integration and distributing computing” met in Helsinki for a two-day hackathon. The goal of the hackathon was to work on […]

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