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PolyOmica in the second half of 2022: a minor and major change

Yurii in the water in Zwolle

Time flies! Since the end of July I have been working not from the Netherlands as usual, but from Uganda. Now, this “expat period” is coming to an end and my family and I will be back in Den Bosch in January.

All in all, I think that my working remotely has not affected the company a lot. PolyOmica has always been a “distributed company” without a central office. Most of the people we work with do not reside in the Netherlands and quite a few of those are one or more time zones away. Moreover, since the covid pandemic many people, including our clients have gained experience in working remotely and/or in distributed teams.

However, there has been a major change in PolyOmica on another front in the past months: Yurii Aulchenko, founder of PolyOmica’s “mother company” back in 2011, co-founder and co-owner of PolyOmica has left the company on October 15th. After more than 10 years of leading an SME his new job as scientific director, human genetics, at GSK, is surely a step up, in terms of both company size and responsibility.

Yurii, we wish you all the best with this new endeavour, and thank you for the great times at PolyOmica!

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