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Logo of the IMforFUTURE project

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Teaching at the IMforFUTURE meeting in Zagreb

From March 26–28, 2018 the IMforFUTURE International Training Network (ITN), in which PolyOmica is a partner, will have its first network meeting. The meeting will be held at the BioCentar in Zagreb, Croatia, and aside from various committee meetings and social events, the meeting will consist of training sessions for the fellows enrolled in the […]

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MIMOmics Helsinki Hackathon

One of the research projects we are working on at PolyOmica is the EU FP7-funded project MIMOmics (Methods for Integrated analysis of multiple Omics datasets). Last week, the partners in work package 6 (WP6) “Data integration and distributing computing” met in Helsinki for a two-day hackathon. The goal of the hackathon was to work on […]

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