Teaching at the Research MIMOmics Summer School in Cambridge (UK)


From 20 till 27 August, the EU FP7 consortium MIMOmics in which PolyOmica is a partner, organises a Summer School including a Workshop in Omics Studies.

The goal of the School is to train a new generation of statistical omics scientists with a biological and biotechnological background to enable them to understand and to apply modern analysis methodologies to omics data. This lies close to the aim of the Research Summer Schools in Statistical Omics which PolyOmica co-organised in previous years. The overall aim is not the only overlapping thing between the two schools. Parts of the structure (lectures combined with hands-on research work) and staff do too. Here at PolyOmica we look forward to meeting both new and old staff, but also to work with this year’s students. However, our involvement this year is limited to my teaching an afternoon-long course on reproducible research.

One of the most obvious changes is the location: this school will be held in Cambridge (UK) instead of Split (Croatia). Maybe less beach, more science ;-)? Let’s see!

The school kicks off with a workshop on omics studies. It aims to provide a forum for statistical, bioinformatics and machine learning omics scientists. It is intended for anyone with interest in applying modern methods on these data (so not just the students of the summer school!). In three days (21–23 August), a group of speakers will present different aspects and perspectives of omics studies (large-scale genome sequencing projects and development of high-throughput biological assay systems, including gene-expression microarrays, microbiome, proteomic and single-cell genomics technologies, biological networks) and will start a discussion on these topics and the underlying complexities of molecular and cell biology.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge!

The main website of the Research MIMOmics Summer School and the Workshop in Omics Students can be found at https://www.mimomicsucam.com/.

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