Scientific research

Science lies at the heart of PolyOmica. Our research interests range from human complex traits and common diseases to omics (genomics, glycomics, metabolomics and metagenomics) to the development of new statistical models to analyses of these big datasets.

Publicly funded research projects

We are currently involved in two omics-related EU-funded FP7-HEATLTH projects, MIMOmics and Pain-Omics. In MIMOmics, which is dedicated to the development of methods for integrated analysis of multiple omics datasets, PolyOmica leads the work package on “Data integration and distributing computing”. In Pain-Omics, which applies a multi-dimensional omics approach to stratification of patients with low back pain, we lead the work package on “Integrated models for identification of biomarkers and potential new therapeutic targets”. In both projects, we work closely with providers of biotechnology and clinical data on subjects of quality control, signal extraction and data analysis.

Privately funded research

For our private customers we provide various solutions, ranging from “you bring the samples, we will report the findings” to advice on how to best perform certain analyses or set up study design and experiments.